The Characters

Captain Strykes Holt - Currently the captain of the Falcon. In Degeneration, Strykes faces the toughest test of his command to date. He must try to keep the crew together while everything is falling apart around him.

Commander Piper Scott - She has a brief unpleasant past with Strykes, however, she is the X.O. of the Falcon. Since working with Strykes, the relationship has gotten a little better but there is still a little tension. And then things take a step backwards when they differ on many opinions during Degeneration.

Lieutenant Commander Talon - Being the sole Redestarian in the fleet, he pretty much stays to himself. He doesn't mind considering his race are known isolationists. He served with Strykes on their prior assignment before being assigned to the Falcon. Upon arriving on the Falcon, he discovers a kindred spirit much to his surprise.

Lieutenant Commander Deminton White - Chief medical officer. Her past includes a relationship with Strykes which she has tried hard to put behind her. However, being stationed on the same ship makes it difficult for her to accomplish that.

Lieutenant Tara Caine - Assistant security chief. Being the daughter of a highly respected person has hurt Tara's career. In fact she has been kept away from any action. She meets Talon for the first time on the Falcon although she was born and raised on Redestar, where her father served as ambassador.

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