Q: Why do you say there is a different way to pronounce Tara Caine's name?
A: A lot of people pronounce it like terra. However, her name is pronounced Tar-ah.

Q: Without giving the ending to the first book away, why did you end it the way you did?
A: Because I'm evil? (laughs) Actually, there's a reason that can't be revealed at this time. Remember, this is a series and only the first book of which.

Q: In this day of prequels being done, is there a prequel for Starcruiser Falcon planned?
A: As of right now, there are two ideas for two prequels actually. I did a backstory about Megan that could work as a three-part prequel. Also, I thought about doing a prequel telling the story of how the Phintasians conquered the Earth and the birth of the Liberation Alternative. Both were done as short backstories already and exist on one of my computers.

Q: About the writing process, do you suggest eveyone uses an outline? It's the age old question.
A: What do you think? It doesn't matter what you think! To be honest, I know some don't like what I will say, but it doesn't matter to me. I tell people do it the way they like to do it. If they want to, fine. If not, fine. I really don't care if someone else outlines or not. A person got mad at me in a newsgroup for saying that. But that's so anal it's not even funny.

Q: Fifth and final question. The subtitle of the second novel. Why was that chosen?
A: Actually, I originally had it something else. But hearing a song I liked, it had the word in it. I just thought I'd make it the subtitle. It's one word where it used to be six.


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